New collection By Agnes

Designer/Stylist: Agnes Ullenius
Photografer: Pablo Garcia
Makeup Artist: Natalia Roa
Fashion Assistant: Ignacio Munoz
Models: Fengxiang Liu and Rea Angelova for Ice-Models

As a person I am very technical and i love problem solving and finding new ways of doing thing. I think this really shows in my way of designing. All my designs are very minimalistic and clean while there is something special going on with the shapes. My goal when designing is to see something beautiful, something very calm and modern but with a discrete twist in the construction. It should make you look an extra time to try to understand what is going on. 

This collection really follows this guideline. It is all about finding new ways of constructing a garment. The idea for the shapes for this collection originated form a jacket that i had seen that had just a simple rectangle wrapped around the body in a very interesting way. Going form this inspiration I cut out a rectangle from a huge pies of paper and wrapped it around my mannequin trying to find new shapes. I took pictures of all the shapes that i found, printed them and drew real garments on top following the shapes of these rectangles and came up with interesting constructions.

As a very clean detail i highlighted seams and outlines with piping to bring out these rectangular shapes even more. The color pallet that i used is very calm and cold as a connection to my style of minimalistic and modern. The materials are chosen to be a mix of flowy and strong to allow the shapes to fall in the right way and keep the structure. They are all high quality material of wool, crupo and silk. 


Total look By Agnes

(Jacket, top and pants By Agnes) 
 This is a complete outfit designed and made by me. It is one of the looks from my first collection that i presented in the previous post here

First Collection

(By Agnes first collection)
This is what I have been up to this year, designing my first collection. From a long research came twentythree looks designed and technically planned. My starting point was the eskimoes of the extreme winter landscapes of the north. As you can see this was just a starting point and my research proses lead me to somthing completely different in the end. I took details and charactaristics of what I liked in the eskimoes traditional garments and tried to find other fashion styles that had the similar concepts. When I looked around for the idea of the sense of protection I found this picture of a model wrapped around in a rectangle shaped fabric. I took this detail as my main inspiration finding shapes from folding and draping rectangles on a manicin. The whole collection is planned from concept to design to fabric to technical cards.