Boat Day


Gud vilken fin dag! Äntligen har sommaren kommit till Sverige också. Sen jag kom hem från Italien har det varit ganska kallt (jämfört med vad jag är van vid) här men nu precis i tid till mina få lediga dagar har det varit jättevarmt! Imorse tog jag ut surfbrädan igen och körde lite paddle boarding och badade och sen bestämde vi oss för att ta en tur med båten. Vi åkte igenom massa fina kanaler och gulliga vikar tills vi kom till Stavsnäs där vi tittade lite på båtar och åt glass för att sedan åka tillbaka. Varje gång vi åker ut såhär så förvånas jag över hur vacker Stockholm skärgård faktiskt är. Soliga sommardagar som dessa är någonting extra speciellt och unikt.



Oh what a day! Summer has finally arrived to Sweden. It's been a bit cold since I came back home (compared to what I am used to) but it has gotten pretty warm this weekend! This morning I did some more paddle boarding and swimming and then we decided to take the boat out for a bit. We went though some canals and cute little bays to get to Stavsnäs to look at boats and have some ice-cream. Every time I go out it amazes me how beautiful the Swedish archipelago is. These sunny summer days are something really special and unique.

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Japanese tourists are invited to smoke in Hawaii

Japanese tourists are assured that they can still smoke in Hawaii, and this is done during an advertising campaign supported by the authorities of this US state who probably want to deprive an opportunity to buy cigarettes online.

Last year, a ban on smoking in closed public places was pushed, but some Japanese media reported that smoking on the islands was completely banned, and this mistake costs Hawaii dearly.

The fact is that the state has large incomes owing to the tourists, a huge proportion of whom is composed of the citizens of the Land of the Rising Sun, and the Japanese are known for being inveterate smokers.

As a result, the number of Japanese tourists in Hawaii has recently declined sharply, and a state-run travel agency specializing in marketing in Japan announced an advertising campaign under the slogan "Let's Get It Aloha." This can sound intriguingly for the persons who buy cigarettes online regularly and want to find a nice place to smoke them.

The word “Aloha” in Hawaiian can mean anything - passion, love, peace, compassion, mercy, farewell and greeting, but in communication with tourists it is most often used instead of the word "hello." It is also applied to all Hawaiians, which are often called "Aloha State".

But in combination with the first part of the slogan, this word looks slightly out of place, because its direct translation is "the breath of life". From ancient times - and to this day - in Hawaii, there is a custom by which locals touch each other with their foreheads and say "alo" (meaning "presence", "before", "face" or "divide"), and then , On exhalation, they add "ha", that is, they actually exchange breath with each other.

As part of the initiative, 40,000 ashtrays with a floral logo and the words "Keep Hawaii Clean" are distributed to the tourists on the islands.

It can also sound as an invitation to come and smoke cigarettes in such a nice place. This is a temptation for those consumers who regularly buy cigarettes online.

Just imagine the night sea, shores lighted by moon, tide sounds and you, standing in front of the sea and lighting an aromatic cigarette, which smell is immediately overspread by the fresh sea wind. Imagine this romantic scene and you will possibly agree that this can be an attractive offer to come to smoke cigarettes in Hawaii.
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