Photography Project

( This is my project for photography class my second year of Fashion Design school)

These pictures hold a very special place in my heart and are connected to my past, present and future. They represent my past by showing the strong connection that I’ve had with nature throughout my childhood because of growing up on a farm in sweden. It represents my present because I now live in Milan and study fashion design. It represents my future because I am looking forward to creating harmony between fashion and nature through my work.

These pictures are taken on the island of Värmdö on a cold winter day. I tried to capture the connection between a horse and a human just like I had back in the day. This affection brings warmth into the frozen background. Jessica is wearing a look completely made my me. 

Ellen -

Wow vilka fina bilder!

Rebecca Adnell

Snyggt! Älskar sista bilden, bra fångat! :D